Here we are.

It’s been nearly a week since we arrived. Finally we have internet, phones, a vacuum cleaner, a rice cooker, and sometime today a washing machine and refrigerator. Contemplating using a rice cooker in Japanese (especially since I’ve never used a rice cooker in any language before) is daunting. But Google translate is apparently there for us.

For the visually curious, here are a few photos of the apartment. Sorry I’m still figuring out how to edit the pictures.

Tumbling in the big empty living room.
The secondary entry. Room for our bazillion shoes, coats, bags, and other random crap we bring home with us.
View from the front door to the balcony on the living room.
The magnificent Japaese toilet. I have not yet tried any of these buttons.

That’s it for now. Be back soon with news of rice cooking and toilet usage.

Or maybe other stuff.

3 thoughts on “Here we are.”

  1. コーンヴェストハイムルカ&ペトラ&オリバーからのご挨拶
    (Whether Google really can…)
    Liebe Grüße nach Japan aus Kornwestheim – Luca & Petra & Oliver

    1. Hi Charles,

      I will put larger pictures. They are quite small on the PC but quite big on a phone. So, we need to play a little bit around.



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